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About Kimberly

Kimberly Reyes has created a life that she loves and helps clients do the same! 


  • Intuitive - Since the age of 3
      Clairsentient: Extrasensory Feeling
      Claircognizant: Extrasensory Knowing
      Clairaudient: Extrasensory Hearing

 Clairvoyant: Extrasensory Seeing

  • Worked with hundreds of Intuitive Mentoring Clients from 7 countries

  • Interior Design Started at the age of 8 when she taught herself how to sew.

  • Interior Design Projects Internationally

  • First 2 degrees are in Psychology!

  • Author

  • Previous Radio & TV Host

  • International Sought after Speaker

  • So much more!


Kimberly is living a Life of Service on her own terms... Combining both of her businesses, and seeing how it changes lives, Feeds her soul and gives her Joy! 


It all starts with Balance & Alignment in BOTH Your LIFE & HOME!


Kimberly Helps Clients do BOTH!


Kimberly Reyes married her love of design, life & relationships with her lifelong intuitive skills to create a truly unique business. With over 25 years helping clients, she has created a signature system that she has chosen to offer in One-0n-One VIP Days. This allows her to offer BIG results and impact in a condensed format.


Kimberly takes each person's unique attributes and environment into account while helping clients make small shifts that create BIG Results!


An expert in shifting energy, Kimberly creates balance and alignment in both her client's personal & professional lives, homes and work-space. People feel safe, comfortable and confident, relationships thrive, and the end result delivers lasting value.


A well-known keynote speaker, author, Host & Producer of the television program, The Pathfinder Series, Kimberly is a frequent guest expert on television and radio, and she contributes to numerous publications.

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