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Intuitive Consulting

Kimberly has been an intuitive from her earliest memory. It's just a normal part of who she is. Her approach is very grounded and is used organically in conjunction with her background in behavioral psychology, Nueropsychology, environmental psychology, life & relationship psychology, personality style, the psychology of sales, quantum physics, business, social media, marketing, branding, training & development, Interior DESIGN... and more. She brings a lifetime of learning to the table as she works intuitively with each client.  


The intuitive piece is just a tool to use in conjunction to the bigger package and rich history that she brings to the table. It allows her to connect and tune into each client in a unique Valuable way.


The search in a spiritual context can be overwhelming and quite honestly... scary and off-putting. Verbiage matters. Feeling comfortable and connected matters. The safety and care that the intuitive shows matters. Asking for permission before engaging intuitively matters. That is the ethics of the industry.


Clients ask if Kimberly is a Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant or what? The answer is that she has developed many skills over the years and can use many modalities depending on the needs of the client and the situation at hand. She is extremely grounded in her abilities and her processes. She engages in the tools and techniques that feel right to her in the moment with each client; she is an empath after all. 


Kimberly is known for her:

  • 60 minute readings. Kimberly connects with spirit.

  • 360 Degree V.I.P. Days  where she is able to intuitively dial down and bring clarity to her clients. There is SO much more to it! This is where the BIG WOW happens.

Are You:

  • Missing out on JOY?

  • Putting in time and not feeling appreciated?

  • Confused about who to hire & whether they are qualified to help?

  • Unsure of what you need & where to find it?

  • Drowning in the chaos created by multiple sources giving you divergent advice?

  • Struggling with what to do next & who to listen to?

  • Questioning whether you are headed in the right direction?

  • Afraid to take the next step for fear of making a mistake?

  • Wavering without forward movement?

  • Struggling with time commitments?

  • Just missing the mark?

  • Lost your confidence or never quite mastered it in the first place?

  • Is Balance unfathomable? 

  • Having a hard time finding your authentic voice?

  • Missing the piece that allows you to see & be seen?

  • Putting in maximum effort without maximum results.

  • Feeling alone without support?

  • Shifting & changing your business direction multiple times?

  • Frustrated that you aren't following your heart & vision?

  • Just feeling like you need a little clarity to move forward?


If you answered Yes to One or more of these...

Kimberly's 360 degree V.I.P. Day may just be the right decision for You!


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