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360 degree V.I.P. Day

Each V.I.P. Day Is Different!

The Focus of YOUR V.I.P. Day will be completely Unique to You!

This program is right for you if you are ready to dive deep, analyze the totality of your personal & professional life 


Show the World Who You Are - Authentically

It's essential to learn who you are and how you move through the world before you can create & build authentic relationships & a Business that work for you! 

Kimberly will work closely with you to eliminate fear, clear the clutter emotionally and intellectually so that there is no internal chaos. Chaos can be paralyzing and keep you from making decisions and moving forward. 

During Your V.I.P Day you will identify CORE VALUES which allows you to target easy Yes's & Easier NO's. Are you ready to know which activities support your Core Values and are leading to expanding into your full-potential?


Are there issues that you just need clarity around?


Kimberly helps you Identify your blocks personally &/or professionally and give you the tools and techniques that are unique to you. No reading or session is ever the same. 


Kimberly's goal is to help you find what brings you JOY and get you headed in the right direction. Your True North.

The Day is Just for You

  • We start with a light snack or breakfast, ground, get acclimated and chat for a bit. It's a low-key flowing process.

  • Then we move onto the questionnaire and cover some additional information

  • At this point we may break OR push on... Self-Care is always the primary concern (it's your day)

  • Now it's time to DREAM BIG & participate in exercises that seem simple until you get rolling.. We co-create powerful momentum together. 

  • Kimberly creates a strong, safe vessel for you to work in and feels when we need to deviate and pull in other exercises, tools and techniques to assist you in the process.

  • We co-create a Personalized map to chart out clarity & focus to give you a solid base to move forward.

  • One of her gifts is being able to see the BIG expanded picture of your FULL potential and assist you in gaining clarity on your way to discovery. It's the 360 degree view!

Clients Have Called Kimberly The Clarity Coach


As an Intuitive, Kimberly uses all of her education, experience and gifts to stand beside and create something Big with you. She is a well rounded, grounded intuitive with many gifts:  Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairaudient & Clairvoyant.

Kimberly ~

* can tap in.
* can work with you & set you up for SUCCESS... 
* can help you dream it Bigger than you have ever imagined 
* can facilitate the Process that helps you anchor it in Your DNA. 
* can help you see your full-potential and find avenues to move forward. 
* can lay out your life grid so that you can see obstacles and patterns to avoid. 
* can offer strategies for movement and manifestation.
* can pinpoint your core values so that you have a clear structure, for easy yes's and easier NO's, to keep you       on your path moving to your expanded vision

You will not leave with traditional materials. It is not a one-size -fits-all program. No cookie cutter processes. We will be creating unique tools & techniques specifically for you. The goal of this VIP day is to create clarity. Kimberly gives you tools & techniques to leverage what you already have, address additions needed, help you develop a map so that you have a path to follow, know the steps to take so that you don’t have to redo, repeat or recreate anything anymore.

Next Steps

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Your Own Personal 360 degree V.I.P. Day

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